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Midsota Trailers for Sale

Welcome to our Midsota Trailers Brand Page

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  Midsota Trailers has been building trailers for many years. They started back in 1971 under the name of Sands Welding Inc. The Company changed their name in 2002 to Midsota Manufacturing Inc. and has continued to grow and expand since. In 2005, the newly named company was moved to a larger facility in Avon, MN. Although this provided more space Midsota outgrew this by 2014. Requiring Midsota to purchase a second facility in Avon. In 2018, they also completed construction on another new facility adding over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Midsota now uses all three facilities to manufacture some of the best trailers in the industry! Some of the key features that are mostly exclusive to Midsota are the following:
1st, The PPG Industrial Grade Poly Primer & Paint. Verses powdercoat, we have found this paint holds up better in the northern states where corrosion is more of a problem throughout the winter months. 
2nd, Tube frames on all flatbed equipment trailers, tilt deck trailers, dump trailers, and utility trailers allow them to keep wiring inside the tubing away from salt and debris that can corrode or snag the wiring.
3rd, 5-year Frame Warranty. Midsota trailers are designed, built, and assembled by highly skilled and trained employees who take pride in providing quality products.

We are an Authorized Dealer of Midsota Trailers. We stock the following models.

Dump Trailers
- HV Series - This robust trailer is nothing less than Heavy duty. The primary difference is the tube frame keeping salt and dirt from places that cause rust. All the wiring is sealed inside the tube frame. Also, Midsota is one of the few that offer a swing side door. Standard these dump trailers have rear door hold backs, ramps that slide-out and fasten hassle free, and a 3/16" HD steel floor.

Tilt Bed Trailers
- TB Series - A sleek, looking equipment Tilt trailer that combines versatility with strength. Known for its low-profile deck, 2' knife edge, over center bed locks on both sides, and 83" wide bed width.
- TBWB Series - This is the Ultimate wide body tilt deck trailer with drive over fenders on the market. It is built standard as a gravity tilt deck with a cushion cylinder, or we can special order the trailer as a power tilt.
- SL14-20 Series - This is Midsota's low-profile quick power tilt deck trailer perfect for man lifts, forklifts, rollers, small skid steers, or lawn tractors.

Low Pro Flatbeds
- ST Series - This is the HD Model in the flatbed line-up. Comes standard in straight deck with HD stand-up ramps, LED lights, rub rail and stack pockets, welded treadplate fenders, and 12k drop leg jack.
- STWB Series - This Extra-Wide drive over fender Model comes standard with a 4' beavertail and 2-full width flip over wedge ramps. A versatile equipment trailer if you need the full width of a deck-over trailer.
- Nova ET Series - While offered as a medium duty equipment trailer this model will not disappoint. Built with a 5" channel tongue and 6" channel frame with 3" channel crossmembers on 16" centers.

Deckover Flatbeds
- FBGN Series - In our opinion this is one of the better Gooseneck Flatdeck Trailers available on the market. Midsota builds these with a high strength Fabricated I-Beam Frame which is stronger and lighter than traditional I-beams and provides a camber in the frame. We stock these primarily with the hydraulic dovetail and hydraulic jacks.

Midsota Trailers for Sale


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