What Trailer Should I Buy For My Landscaping Business?

So, you’ve decided to start a landscaping business. Or, you’re in the market for a new trailer to haul your materials in because your current one is on its last leg. Before you make the decision on which trailer to buy, you’ll need to do ample research and shopping around before you find the right one for you.

There isn’t a one size fits all deal when it comes to trailers.  Everyone has different needs, so having just a few trailers to choose from certainly wouldn’t make sense.

That’s why you should choose an experienced dealer to help you with choosing the perfect landscaping trailer for you. We’ll help you every step of the way, but here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which trailer to buy for your business.

Red Lawn mower cutting grass. Gardening concept

Safety and Quality

The main purpose of a trailer is to safely transport all your equipment from site to site. You’re more than likely hauling thousands of pounds of equipment around, so your trailer needs to be sturdy and efficient. It’s also important to consider ease of loading and unloading your equipment to make sure your work as safe as possible. Think about the quality here, too, because you don’t want to save a few hundred bucks now just to keep replacing cheap parts down the road.


It’s a good idea to think about how much equipment you have now or may accumulate over the years. How much space does your current equipment take up? How much does it weigh altogether? Is there a possibility of you buying more equipment to keep up with business demands? All of these questions factor into the size and finding the right one for you. Knowing the dimensions and weight of all your tools will give you a great starting point on what size trailer to look for. If you do plan to grow your business (we’re sure you do), think about buying a trailer you can grow into. It’s also unsafe to overload a trailer, so giving yourself a bit of wiggle room will save you from a possible disaster later on.

Also think about where you plan to store your trailer. Do you have space at your house to store it? Will it be outside or in a garage? If it’s outside, how will you shield it from the elements? All of these questions you should consider while figuring out the right trailer size.


Ride On Mowers

Last but not least, let’s talk about the design! It’s loads of fun sorting through all types of landscaping trailers, imagining yourself using each and every gadget your dream trailer comes with. Before we get to the bells and whistles, think about your equipment and their shapes. Do you want an enclosed trailer? Or, will you need an open one? Have you considered a lift or would you prefer a ramp? Each design has its pros and cons, but it’s up to you to decide what you can and can’t do your best and most efficient work without. Once you choose which of these options is right for you, you can move onto the smaller details.

Open trailers may seem like they’d ruin your things, but they have a lot going for them! First, you’re able to reach in for whatever you need without having to crawl into a hot trailer in the middle of the summer. They can be more convenient and significantly lighter because there simply isn’t as much material used as an enclosed trailer. And, because they don’t have as much resistance to wind, they’re easier to haul and are better for the gas mileage of the vehicle you’re towing with.

Enclosed trailers tend to be more expensive, but offer more security than open trailers. Rather than having to lock every piece of equipment you have onto your open trailer, it’s just one simple latch with an enclosed trailer and you’re ready to go! Theft isn’t as much of a problem either, because all of your items are hidden and the temptation simple isn’t there.

Steady as she goes

Considering all of these factors is critical in finding the ideal landscaping trailer for you, thus keeping your business booming. If you’re in the market for a new trailer, we know it can be easy to pick the first one you see because you’re so excited to buy it, but it will pay off to do plenty of research on figuring out what your perfect trailer looks like. It could be different than your competitors, and that’s okay! It’s just important to think about safety, size, and design before you buy it.


Custom Trailers for Every Need & Industry! Enclosed Trailers, Utility Trailers, Toy Haulers and More!

A custom trailer can set you apart from the crowd.  Whether you want a custom-built trailer for your business or for personal use, we know how important it is to get exactly what you want.

That’s why we here at Country Blacksmith Trailers are dedicated to designing and fabricating high-quality custom-built trailers to fit every need.

When looking to get a custom trailer, especially one for your business, we want to make sure we take all of your unique needs into account.

What Are You Looking For In A Custom Trailer?

What kind of trailer are you looking for?  We have experience creating custom builds and designs for numerous different industries, and we want to use our expertise to help you!

Catering, Concession or Food Service Trailers

Custom Trailer 9

No matter if you are a large catering business or a small up and coming business, when you are in the foodservice industry you need to make sure your trailer works for you.

Options include complete kitchens, refrigeration cooking, storage, and more. Just let us know what you need and we will make it happen!

Custom Built Race Trailers

Be a star on and off the track with a custom car hauler. No matter if you are heading to the races or on the classic car show circuit, we can create you the perfect trailer to haul your precious cargo.

If you need a custom option to haul your vehicle, motorcycle, snowmobile and more, we can build it!

Mobile Office

Custom Trailer 6

If you need to get work done on the go, then a mobile office may be perfect for you! We can create a mobile office or classroom that can serve a variety of on-the-road business and educational activities!

Mobile Marketing Trailers

Take your business on the road, to your customer! A Mobile Marketing Trailer can transform your business from a single location to a traveling sales force.

Let us help you transform your business with our unique, custom trailer designs. If you find yourself asking more questions then give us a call and let us help you with any that you may have.

Single Axle Tilt Trailer Selection

Aluma Tilt Trailer

Single axle, full deck gravity tilt trailers have been a problem trailer for years. Let me start with the advantages, Easy to load, Pulls easier and weighs less than a trailer with a rear mesh gate. Now for the problem. Tows TERRIBLE! What do I mean? The full tilt single axle trailer can sway back and forth violently at speeds over 40-50 MPH, potentially leading to loss of control and most certainly panic attacks. Why? The axle is set forward of the middle of the trailer so the tilt deck is heavy enough to the rear to tilt down to the ground when unlatched. This makes the empty trailer almost equal in weight forward and rear of the axle and this balance is what creates the violent sway. The solutions. Always haul 100 lbs on the very front of the deck or better yet, get a split deck tilt single axle! This allows the axle to be behind the center of the deck and the trailer will tow safely! You can also choose an Aluma tilt deck. They are very light and have a tilt assist system that allows proper axle placement for safe towing.

This also applies to tandem axle tilts as well. Generally a split deck tilt or a full power tilt deck let’s the MFG move the axle back far enough for comfortable towing. Always remember to take extra care to load the tongue of your tilt deck trailer 20% heavier than the rear so you stay safe while towing.

Neil Kurtz for the Country Blacksmith Trailers Team

Enclosed Cargo Trailers – Your Buying Guide

We get many calls from customers asking us about the wide range of brands and prices that are available in the enclosed cargo trailer market. It is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking “It’s just a box on wheels with painted aluminum sheeting and a steel frame”. Enclosed cargo trailers may look similar on the outside, but let the buyer be aware that there are many differences between cargo trailer manufacturers!

We can broadly categorize the enclosed cargo trailers into two categories. Cheap and short to very short life or more costly and durable to very durable. If your use is primarily storage or occasional (6 times a year) and local (50 mile radius), you will find the lower priced trailers will serve you fine. If your use is more than that you will want to select a better and more expensive enclosed cargo trailer from a reputable dealer with a warranty center and it will save you money down the road. The mantra that “you get what you pay for” applies very well to the enclosed cargo trailer industry.

What problems does frequent use of a cheap enclosed cargo trailer bring? Here’s a short list!

  1. The screws holding the exterior panels WILL come out! (This is because the steel frame is way too light and has too much flex under load, and just because your wall posts are 16″ on center is no guarantee, putting more thin tube wall posts that are spot welded to a bottom angle iron side frame won’t help!)
  2.  The spot welds holding the wall posts to the trailer side frame can break and the sidewalls will come loose. (yes, fast is what makes cheap, and a frightful amount of cargo trailer companies minimally spot weld the trailers together!)
  3.  The aluminum side panels can corrode completely through somewhere in the bottom 6″in about a year. (the steel frames have no coating so the aluminum and steel react when moisture is present and the aluminum panel gets corrosion holes real fast)
  4.  The axle hangers can break off. (this is especially true of trailers that have an I-beam frame. NEVER buy an enclosed cargo trailer with an I-beam or channel frame!)
  5.  The roof is very prone to leak. (this is due to the Galvalume roof metal used on economy trailers and carelessness in the fabricating/sealing process.)
  6.  The interior wood trim comes off very easily. (a combination of frame flex and very few trim staples)
  7.  Warranty is logistically very expensive and difficult for the buyer. (the cheapest enclosed cargo trailers are sold by the factory or a low priced online agent and getting warranty service requires the buyer to return it hundreds or thousands of miles to the manufacturer for service.)
  8.  The wiring is very poorly done. (it is not protected when it passes through the steel frame and we have worked on brand new trailers that had developed shorts in the wiring from being transported empty!)
  9.  This is a not a complete list, we should also mention poor fit and finish. Some of the cheaper cargo trailers you can see through cracks in between the floor and sidewalls right down to the road! (major design issues cause this)

What makes the difference? In general, the trailers made in the South are cheaper and more disposable than those made in the North. Here is a list of items and questions to help you select a quality enclosed trailer.

  1. Tube main frames and tongues – 2″x4″ on a single axle and 2″x6″ on a tandem axle up to 24′ long and 2″x8″ for trailers over 24′ is a must! (we learned the hard way on this one and replaced a mower contractors 26′ trailer!)
  2.  .030″ or thicker exterior aluminum sheeting – Go with .040″ or .050″  thick aluminum panels with 12″ wall post centers for severe duty use.
  3.  Exterior Panel Fasteners – Screwless is very nice looking and easy to put decals on, but stay away from an economy trailer with a screwless exterior. Panels have been known to blow completely off! Especially black! Make sure you are purchasing a top quality trailer if specifying a screwless exterior. Also, make sure the MFG has a barrier between the aluminum sheeting and steel frame, especially the bottom 6″!
  4.  Dexter or Lippert axles – The parts are interchangeable and easy to find and both companies have 5-6 year warranties on their axles and painless warranty departments.
  5.  Drymax or Advantech floor – instead of plywood. These products have held up very well in our under water tests!
  6.  What is the warranty and where can I get warranty service? 1-5 years is what you will be told, but the most important question is where can I get warranty service done and what is the process? Also ask the dealer for the track record of a MFG on taking care of warranty claims. Every MFG makes mistakes, what sets them apart is how they take care of those mistakes!
  7.  What are the MFG reviews? A good manufacturer will typically have a 3.5 star review or better. Why? Because when customers have to talk to a manufacturer, there are generally problems that the dealer is not taking care of. It pays to deal with a reputable dealer that will take care of you. The end user should never need to talk to the MFG! The review rating for a MFG is more of a testimony to the quality of their dealer network and their support of that network, than of the product they MFG.
  8.  Is this an economy or premium model offered by this MFG? Most MFG make competitively priced, economy models, such as a Stealth Mustang model, and premium, very good quality models , such as the Stealth Liberty model. This can make it difficult for the buyer to decipher what exactly he is purchasing. A Stealth or Haulmark or Wells Cargo trailer at one dealer may be a thousand dollars less than a similar trailer at another dealer, but the more expensive trailer could be the best value. Pay attention to the model and the particular options it has had added to it.
  9.  Be honest with yourself and your dealer about how you will use your enclosed cargo trailer, and don’t buy cheap with high expectations!
  10.  Axle Size – If you are getting an 8’5’x24′ or longer trailer, DON’T get 3.5K axles. Insist on 5.2K axles. These upgraded axles will benefit many contractors on smaller size trailers as well. In our rental fleet, we don’t want a tandem enclosed trailer with less than a 6K axle under it! Not even the 6’x12′ single axle! 🙂
  11. Torsion Suspension – If your use is above normal, or you want low maintenance, get Torsion Suspension axles. Smoother ride, the ability to get off at the next exit if you have a flat tire, and a 10 year warranty are what you will get for about $250 per axle!
  12.  Jack – Ask for the 7K dropleg jack option on your tandem axle enclosed trailer! It will be $140 well spent. Some dealers can do this simple upgrade to units they have in stock.
  13.  Radial Trailer Tires – If the trailer you are looking at has bias tires on it, run screaming the other way! They wear terrible, ride worse and save about $10 per tire!
  14.  Roof – Get a one piece aluminum or translucent fiberglass roof. Your cargo last much longer if you keep water off of it!
  15.  Side Door – For best security get a side door with a bar lock and flush lock. Also ask for an aluminum door hold back. The plastic ones break real easy! A really neat option is the door bar locks with built in key. They are called vice locks and eliminate the need for purchasing padlocks for your side and rear doors.

It takes research and effort to find an enclosed cargo trailer that is a quality product with an outstanding team behind it, but it is worth the effort! Happy Trailering!

Neil Kurtz for the Country Blacksmith Trailers Team


Enclosed Cargo Trailer Buying Guide

Enclosed Cargo Trailer Buying Guide

Manufacturer Spotlight: Aluma Trailers For Sale in Illinois

For over 25 years, Aluma trailers has manufactured reliable and durable trailers for hauling toys and equipment. Made from rust-free and sturdy aluminum, Aluma trailers are guaranteed to last and support all of your travel needs. Country Blacksmith Trailers is proud to carry a wide variety of Aluma Trailers in Illinois.


aluma motorcycle trailer 1

They offer several types of trailers, including utility trailers,  car haulermotorcycle trailersaluminum ATV trailerscar haulerssnowmobile trailersenclosed trailersaluminum picnic tables and bencheswatercraft trailers, and truck beds. Choose from whatever type you want to get on the road safely and quickly.

Country Blacksmith Trailers is proud to be an Aluma dealership.


aluma behind-motorcycle trailer 1

We are a very large volume dealer for Aluma Trailers. We have over 100 in stock and have been selling Aluma trailers since 2009! That adds up to lots of experience with Aluma trailers and we recommend them more than ever!
Why should I buy an Aluma trailer?


aluma car hauler 1

The Aluma trailers are the best towing Aluminum trailer on the market! Equipped with torsion axles, aluminum wheels, and all aluminum construction, trailers have never looked or performed so good as the Aluma Trailers do. We guarantee your satisfaction, or we will refund your money. Features like EZ lube hubs, LED bullet lights, Sealed wiring harnesses, Demco couplers, integrated frame and floor, and plenty of tie downs makes owning an Aluma trailer a trouble free pleasure!


aluma tilt trailer 1

The all aluminum body provides years of protection from elements and prevents rusting, keeping your trailer looking great for years. But it’s not just a good looking trailer, you’ll find that the Aluma trailers can handle the same load capacity as a steel trailer and at a lighter weight. If that’s not enough, Aluma offers an exclusive 5-year warranty, one of the best on the market! Our experience with Aluma trailers has been 100% positive. They are a great company with a fantastic aluminum trailer!

Open Trailers vs Enclosed Trailers

The age-old question: Should I buy an open trailer or an enclosed trailer? Many people will attest to the lightweight, fuel efficient Open Trailers while others will tell you that the utility and protection offered from an Enclosed Trailer will far outweigh the cost. While these are both perfectly good answers, everyone’s situation is unique and we must first address certain questions: What is your trucks towing capability? On average, how far will you be travelling? What are you looking to haul? What is your budget?

Continue reading “Open Trailers vs Enclosed Trailers”