Manufacturer Spotlight: Aluma Trailers For Sale in Illinois

For over 25 years, Aluma trailers has manufactured reliable and durable trailers for hauling toys and equipment. Made from rust-free and sturdy aluminum, Aluma trailers are guaranteed to last and support all of your travel needs. Country Blacksmith Trailers is proud to carry a wide variety of Aluma Trailers in Illinois.


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They offer several types of trailers, including utility trailers,  car haulermotorcycle trailersaluminum ATV trailerscar haulerssnowmobile trailersenclosed trailersaluminum picnic tables and bencheswatercraft trailers, and truck beds. Choose from whatever type you want to get on the road safely and quickly.

Country Blacksmith Trailers is proud to be an Aluma dealership.


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We are a very large volume dealer for Aluma Trailers. We have over 100 in stock and have been selling Aluma trailers since 2009! That adds up to lots of experience with Aluma trailers and we recommend them more than ever!
Why should I buy an Aluma trailer?


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The Aluma trailers are the best towing Aluminum trailer on the market! Equipped with torsion axles, aluminum wheels, and all aluminum construction, trailers have never looked or performed so good as the Aluma Trailers do. We guarantee your satisfaction, or we will refund your money. Features like EZ lube hubs, LED bullet lights, Sealed wiring harnesses, Demco couplers, integrated frame and floor, and plenty of tie downs makes owning an Aluma trailer a trouble free pleasure!


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The all aluminum body provides years of protection from elements and prevents rusting, keeping your trailer looking great for years. But it’s not just a good looking trailer, you’ll find that the Aluma trailers can handle the same load capacity as a steel trailer and at a lighter weight. If that’s not enough, Aluma offers an exclusive 5-year warranty, one of the best on the market! Our experience with Aluma trailers has been 100% positive. They are a great company with a fantastic aluminum trailer!

Open Trailers vs Enclosed Trailers

The age-old question: Should I buy an open trailer or an enclosed trailer? Many people will attest to the lightweight, fuel efficient Open Trailers while others will tell you that the utility and protection offered from an Enclosed Trailer will far outweigh the cost. While these are both perfectly good answers, everyone’s situation is unique and we must first address certain questions: What is your trucks towing capability? On average, how far will you be travelling? What are you looking to haul? What is your budget?

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