The Best Aftermarket Pickup Flatbeds on the Market

The Best Aftermarket Pickup Flatbeds on the Market

At Country Blacksmith Trailers, we know what our customers need when it comes to aftermarket pickup flatbeds. We know they need something heavy-duty and reliable at an affordable price. We also know that you want a bed that looks good after years of use.

Right now, we have over 180 pickup flatbeds for trucks for sale and in stock at our Carterville and Mount Vernon, IL stores. We sell and install pickup flatbeds, pickup dump bodies, dump beds, dump flatbeds, and service bodies. We’re full service so we can be a one-stop-shop to you. We have Zimmerman flatbedsCM flatbedsBradford Built flatbedsCM Service Bodies, dump bodies, platform beds, and Aluminum Flatbeds, and we can get any Knapheide Service body or Knapheide Flatbed you want.

We have many years of experience specifying and installing aftermarket bodies on pick trucks and will put that experience to work for you! We will make sure you get the right flatbed for your truck. We have experienced, professional installers that will take good care of your truck and make sure the bed is installed correctly. Alongside our excellent customer service, this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Here are a few things to think about before purchasing a flatbed.


Converting Your Truck to a Heavy Duty Work Truck

Aluminum vs. Steel

While many people assume steel is the best choice due to its strength, but it can easily rust, unlike aluminum. Aluminum isn’t as strong as steel and it scratches easily, but it won’t rust. This is an important feature because your flatbed will see a lot of wear and tear and more than likely will be rained on. This is why it’s often the superior choice over steel. Not to mention it’s much lighter! Some of our customers have voiced concerns about aluminum flatbeds cracking. You can buy the aluminum flatbeds we sell with confidence as cracking and breaking has not been a problem for us and we have sold hundreds of aluminum beds into many industries.


The brand of bed you put on is important. We have found that the CM brand of steel beds have very poor paint durability. For this reason, we prefer the Bradford Built powdercoat, as the flatbed has been properly prepped and they put a zinc primer underneath the powdercoat. This finish has held up very well and beats all the other powdercoat finishes. If aluminum is your choice, then the Zimmerman brand is the heaviest duty option. The aluminum CM and Bradford Built are equal options, so decide which looks best to you and go with it.


This might not be something you consider until you’re in a situation in which you need extra lighting. You may wish to add a few extra lights to make your job safer and easier. We have experience adding work lights, clearance lights, and strobe lights. Ask us for a quote.

One of the best things about choosing Country Blacksmith Trailers? We install the pickup bed while you wait at the store! We’re here to give you the best customer service around, and we feel this is a unique feature of ours that you don’t see anywhere else.

Tapered vs. Straight Back Corners

Most flatbeds give you a choice between tapered and straight back corners. Tapered corners are the way to go if you’re driving through mountains, hills, and turns and need a better turn radius. This will also help if you’re driving on narrow roads or pulling a trailer. For some, though, straight back corners work best if you need as much room as possible. The straight back corners are often a custom order as we don’t stock many.


Converting Your Truck to a Heavy Duty Work Truck

Why Do I Need a Flatbed?

You might be wondering if you even need a pickup flatbed. The extra space you get with having one is reason enough to us, but think about the time, space, and even money you’ll save in the long run. If your original factory bed is damaged, generally replacing it with a flatbed is a very similar cost to replacing it with another factory bed.

Hopefully, this has helped steer you in the right direction of finding an aftermarket pickup flatbed that’s best for you and your needs. Know that you can trust us at Country Blacksmith Trailers for the highest degree of customer service and attention to detail. We know what it takes to find the best pickup, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.